[omc-boats] ignition systems

From: Glenn Halweg <glennhalweg@...>
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 14:38:58 -0500

I upgraded the distributor in my 1973 Buick Apollo 350 engine to HEI also put hardened valves and stems in it to burn unleaded gas. Pretty easy since the 1974 models had the same engine with HEI standard. If I find the time I will probably see if I can do the same with the engine in my Rogue. Only thing is I still have a complete tune-up set that I bought when I had the 1970 Rogue hate to waste it.

Point of note, when I worked on the V-8 assembly line part of my job was dropping the distributor in. They had this fancy gadget to set TDC, took to much time. I just pulled the plug stuck my thumb over the hole on # 1 and turned the engine over. Of course I hooked-up the 12 volt battery but didn't hook-up the fancy TDC doodad. Did it like that for almost 3 years, the tester had no problem starting any engine.

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