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I would help if I lived up there - maybe you should take a rest from it -
walk away awhile - clear your thoughts. The boat literally is not going to
go any where till you come back. I have 2 of these Rogue boats and have had
them both 23 years and have one running after 2-3 years working on it. I
redid the floor, the bilge, redid the motor and accessories in the rear
including the wiring taking way too much time and a lot of money (but not
near as much as a new boat) and you know what, it was all worth it cause now
it runs great and it gets lots of attention. The other boat sits in storage
and I will redo that one when I finish with numero uno. I do all my own work
and would not have it any other way - do you have a SELOC manual ?- it has a
trouble shooting guide. Any auto electrician could wire the motor but should
use marine grade wire and terminals. Good luck with whatever you decide.
We've all been there one time or the other. Tom K.
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> [omc-boats] In search of a Chicago mechanic
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> Subject: [omc-boats] In search of a Chicago mechanic
> It feels like halfway through the season and I'd hate to throw in the
> towel... Does anyone know of a mechanic (retired OMC/Johnson or otherwise)
> in the Chicagoland area that would be willing to take on my electrical
> system on my 1968 Johnson Reveler. The engine cranks, fuel seems to be
> flowing, but I just can't seem to get her to fire! I've tried the various
> suggestions (thanks group) but I'm running out of time and want to see
> this
> piece of history,(my childhood), run again!
> If I don't get it running this season I will be forced to put the boat
> back
> on the block. Please help! Thanks,
> Mike
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