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I don't know a cleat from an eye, but the owners manual I have for my 1966 Rogue says "When lifting boat out of water be sure to use the two lifting rings located on the rear transom and the forward lifting eye".

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  Correct me on my terminology, if I am incorrect; but, aren't the cleats on the four corners. They are made of plastic. These boats were lifted by the metal "eyes" (don't know the correct term) at the center of the bow and stern. Right?


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  While working at OMC in engineering we often did hull modifications. We used epoxy to form spoilers etc. and then wet sanded the area and spray painted with gel coat - I would suggest doing the same. wet sand the whole hull, patch holes etc. with any good epoxy and sand smooth, then spray paint with gel coat - also, you should be able to lift the boat by it's cleats - that's how we hauled them out of the water at Johnson Motors - then we would lift the boat about 7 feet in the air and pressure wash the bottoms - standing under them! I admit, I was always nervous doing that, but I'm still here today. So, find a garage with strong joists and three come-alongs (two on the stern and one on the bow) and have at it. Dave

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    I think the paint you're referring to is made by Interlux expensive at around $40 a quart.

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    I would like to get a new coat of paint on the old rogue this summer. I'm not really sure what I should be looking for when I go to buy paint. I read an article in a boating mag. about a self leveling paint that can be rolled and brushed on. I cant find the article so I thought maybe one of you would know of it.I'm not sure what to use for topside and the stripes, I figure the hull is a no brain er "hull paint". I have no idea how I'm going to get at the bottom, I dont know if I can jack it up off the trailer and block it. It looks pretty scary. Maybe if I did ever thing I could get at and then blocked it so I could remove 1 roller set at a time, but that would take forever letting it cure before replacing the roller. Another ??? I have is what to use to fill small holes. Bondo / resin. There is 2 or 3 sets of snaps that I would like to get rid of. It has a set of those tower snaps that really bug me. Always getting pocked. Anyways I figure I would remove the snap, then taper the holes and fill them with bondo or something else. Then prime it. The next few weeks ill be working part time so there will be more time than money, so it should be a perfect time to prep it for paint. I just got done putting in a 327 replacing the newer 305 that the starter would only bolt up with 1 bolt and had a crack in the block. I ran the battery dead turning it over to lube and pump up the lifters, so it has not run yet. That's the goal this weekend.Anyway,Happy boatingDaemian


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