RE: [omc-boats] Very Clean 1968 Sporstman in Missouri

From: Greg Van Vliet <gvanvliet@...>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 10:23:54 -0700


it appears that you are regularly searching for OMC boats on ebay. I
assume that you probably watch those that you find until the end of the
auction. Have you ever contacted the winning bidders to inform them about
Phil's and your site? If not, would you consider doing this as our
unofficial "ebay buyer liason"?

I think that we should make an attempt to bring new ebay-bought OMC boat
owners into our group. It seems like a lot of the owners selling their
boats on ebay don't know much about them, so it would be great to inform
the new owners of the websites.

Whadda ya think? Has anyone else got a suggestion or comment on this?

- Greg Van Vliet

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Check out how clean this boat is. Also the original Evinrude trailer has
been converted to tandem axles, Sweet.

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