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I have a 1969 Sportsman 155. I drain it into the bilge, as well. It's a
stretch to reach the oil pan drain plug. Luckily, I have long skinny arms.
I think it would be ideal to have a plug with a drain hose lead down to the
bilge drain hole. It wouldn't be as messy. I haven't been able to find
anything yet, though. As for the oil filter, place a plastic zip lock bag
around it while unscrewing it. The oil will drip into the bag.

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<< 1. Perhaps someone knows of a aftermarket supplier for
drain plugs that fit this engine - I could easily adapt one.

I've had a cable operated oil drain which fit the drain hole of my Seasport
The oil drained down into the bilge and out through the drain plug. Messy,
but easy. Another option is a drill operated drain pump that inserts in the
dipstick hole. Then, there's the oil filter to replace which also makes a

<<3. How much grease should go in the chamber between the upper and lower

I think maybe 4-6 pumps of your grease gun should do it. I don't think you
put too much grease in there as it will just ooze out of the bearings.

<< 4. What are people doing about running in shallow water? When I bought
 the boat, we didn't know about the ball gear wear issue, so we often ran
 with the outdrive tilted up - I'm guessing that accelerated ball gear wear
 quite a bit. >>

Run only with the out drive in the full down position. Run in a raised
position only in an emergency or to back the boat off the trailer or put it
back on the trailer.

Be sure to lubricate the tilt clutch assembly. You might want to remove
the side cover to observe the condition of the clutch. If it has been dry a

time (without oil) you might want to disassemble it, clean it, lubricate it,

re-assemble it. The function of this clutch is to allow the out drive to
up should you hit an obstruction such as a log or tree stump. If it won't
slip, then something is going to break off the out drive.

As I remember, the dipstick on the V-6 engine is on the right side near the
middle cylinder. There should be a hole in the block where it was inserted.

<<8. Has anyone installed oil pressure gauges on this engine? Did you
replace the transducer for the warning light, or put a sender in another
port? Same for water temp.

I think you can find a "Y" type fitting that will allow both the oil and
sending units and guages to be used.
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