[omc-boats] Rare 1970 (Last Year) Evinrude Sportsman

From: lib1@...
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 18:31:21 -0600

See another newly listed Evinrude Sportsman on eBay at:

Note how the Seller has mis-labeled it an 18-footer.

This one is fairly unusual as Sporstmans go. Evinrude switched the "traditional" 2-piece "symetrical" folding windshield found on 64 thru 69 Sportsmans to a similar 3-piece arrangement first introduced on the 68/69 Johnson Seasports. Note the outer windshields use the same bevel-corner styling used on the Chris-Craft Gull Wing shown on Phil's site.

Phil you might want to grab these pictures, as I don't think you have a 1970 Sporstman anywhere.

Lee Shuster


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1970_Sportsman_2.jpg 1970_Sportsman_1.jpg
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