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From: Greg Van Vliet <gvanvliet@...>
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I've got some of these that I'm willing to send to you. I think I have 4,
maybe 5 of them. I also have some of the pivot brackets that Jared
Bourquin was inquiring about last year. Jared, do you still want these? I
thought I might find a way to use at least the mount bases and maybe the
pivot brackets with non-original seats but I've determined that they are
really only useful for the original seats.

Dave, I'll gladly send the round disk bases to you for the cost of the
shipping only. Same for the pivot brackets for Jared or anyone else who
wants them. Contact me at gvanvliet@... to exchange details. I
can send photos if requested.

- Greg

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I recently restored my 1965 Evinrude Sport 16 that I have had for 18
years. Everything went smooth. However, I'm in need of some parts. I'm
looking for some of the round disk seat mounts in the top left corner
of this linked photo..... See Linked photo @...
  If any one can help me out Please let me know ........... thanks,

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