[omc-boats] Need help I want to buy this boat, but need to be assured of it's legitimacy.

From: NO1BRNCMAN@...
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 02:54:23 EDT

I need a boat inspection in Tallahassee FL. are there any members willing to
look it up and inspect for me? I am in CA and am unable to look it over
first hand, but I also do not feel comfortable sending cash for something that
might not actually exist. if interested I would need dated pictures of it. Also
anyone in FL. period with any contacts in the DMV that could check out the
Hull # and boat #'s. If not can someone send me the tele# to the Tallahassee
DMV so I can call them directly? Thanks...Hope to be an OMC owner soon.....Mo

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