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I typically use our Windstar, but have also used my Explorer, Escape,
F-Series, and an old Lincoln Continental and Town Car. All have towed with
relative ease, though I have to admit the Windstar surprised me and has been
one of the best for towing, despite being FWD. Our trailer is a 1967 TeeNee
1900 which was not the standard Johnson trailer. It had surge brakes, but
they died a long time ago. Since it didn't have sealed axle bearings, I
finally got sick of replacing them and replaced the whole axle -- EZ Loader
Boat Trailers in Tullahoma, TN (1-800-562-0881 if it's still good) was
willing to sell me just the axle (built to my specifications) and shipped it
right to my door for a very reasonable price (don't remember how much, but I
was very happy). Now, in addition to not having to replace wheel bearings
every year, I once again have surge brakes and very little difficulty

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> Paige mentioned towing his 16-foot Johnson is a handful without brakes,
> (assuming around 2400-2600 lbs for boat and trailer)
> That is a lot of extra stopping distance for most tow vehicles to cope
> 1) Just curious what members are using for tow vehicles, and
> 2) How many are using trailer brakes (which were optional on 16-ft'ers,
> standard on the 19-ft'ers.)
> Lee
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