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From: Paige <windfallfarm@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 11:31:37 -0600

I tow my boat, horse trailer, and plow snow with my 1995 Chevy 350 3/4 ton
pickup, regular cab and bed, heavy duty suspension, yes I am a woman with a
truck, an old boat, and work horses. I am not mechanically inclined, give me a
1800# Percheron to drive and I am in my element, not under the hood staring at
the guts of an engine or driving it on the water for that matter. I leave all
the glory of driving and servicing the omc to my husband (not necessarily by his
choice either), I am content to be the passenger. But still I am intrigued with
the information that gets thrown about on these omc boats, always storing info
into the corner of my mind. The seloc manual is essential too.
    My automotive water pump looks to not line up with the footprint of the
original water pump, but again, so far so good. My model is a 1969 and not a
1967 though. I figure that the constant water jet coming from the lower unit
has more to do with the impeller working properly than the water pump in the
engine, but both move water and are central to the cooling system for these
boats, can't have one without the other. My boat has never seen salt water and
never will, so that is a plus. Plenty of green slime on the hull to slow her
down though. Any suggestions on a good strong hull cleaning detergent? I
understand the high altitude, my truck would not make it out west, I am happy to
be operating near sea level, good luck getting more power.
    One big question, what about the steering cables that run from the stern
drive to the wheel, mine are showing age and wear, cracking, dry rot. What to
do to replace them or keep the plastic coating from cracking further? any

Thank you, Paige

lib1@... wrote:

> Paige mentioned towing his 16-foot Johnson is a handful without brakes,
> (assuming around 2400-2600 lbs for boat and trailer)
> That is a lot of extra stopping distance for most tow vehicles to cope with.
> 1) Just curious what members are using for tow vehicles, and
> 2) How many are using trailer brakes (which were optional on 16-ft'ers,
> standard on the 19-ft'ers.)
> Lee
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