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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:52:43 -0800

Before my Seasport burned in a tragic marina fire, as well as my house and
several others, I too thought of repowering. Being somewhat of a purist and
vintage enthusiast at heart, I researched the possibility of installing a
Buick 401, which was used as a marine engine occasionally. Imagine the
power! However, manifolds are almost impssible to find and the outdrive
could never take the torque. Of course, with the search potential of the
net, one could possibly find manifolds and swap out the drive for an OMC
used behind GM engine of larger displacement..... possibly Olds.

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>In a message dated 1/25/05 9:10:49 AM Central Standard Time,
><< The odd-fire Buick sounds cool, but at 6500 - 7500 feet above sea
>it struggles a bit, especially with 4 - 6 adults on board. >>
>Believe me, they struggle a bit at 550 feet ASL with six adults on board !
>I've owned 4 Seasport 155's. What prop you use can make a big difference
>on how well the boat gets up on plane with a load of people on board.
>Does your engine red-line when running wide open on the water? If not,
>your prop is too steep a pitch.
>Lee Hazen
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