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The 225 odd-fire Buick V6 with 2-barrel manifold was used in 64-66 Buick
Specials. In 1966 it became the Kaiser Jeep Dauntless 225 and was used in
CJ-5 & CJ-6 Jeeps until 1971. I don't think the the 74 & later Buick 231 odd
or even-fire manifold will fit but it might. Just some thoughts that might
expand the scope of your search for a correct manifold.


Lee Shuster

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> So today I decided to stop the slight fuel leak on my Rochester 2 barrel
> by re-building the carb, and what happens? One of the four bolts that
> holds the carb to the intake shears off. So I'm like "ok, I'll just drill
> and easy out the sucker and I'll be in business". The easy out breaks.
> So I believe my only recourse is to drill out and retap the hole in the
> intake manifold. I have removed the manifold, and will take it somewhere
> to do that. This is what I get for trying to do the right thing and
> rebuilding. It's amazing how a simple little task can ballon like this.
> In any case, I would like to get another intake manifold (just in case),
> does anyone have an extra lying around they can spare? Thanks!!
> ~Scott
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