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I've been there done that too with too many mechanical things. I had a 66
Corvette that I bought in SC and it originally was a Northern car with the
salt etc.- everything went that route. I have my share of busted hardware
with the Rogue too. Get a can of liquid wrench or nut blaster and "soak" for
as long as you can stand it (days) before going into stuff that is rusted
which is about anything on the boat. Especially around exhaust manifolds.
When you reassemble use some antiseize compound on the bolts and nuts. If I
am not mistaken the manifold you seek may be a standard GM issue from that
era although I do not have a parts book for that engine. What year and
horsepower is it and I will look it up in the 69 parts catalog if you like.
Good luck and be thankful that it didn't happen in the middle of boating
season! Yea right - TK
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> [omc-boats] Buick V6 intake
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> Subject: [omc-boats] Buick V6 intake
> So today I decided to stop the slight fuel leak on my Rochester 2 barrel
> by
> re-building the carb, and what happens? One of the four bolts that holds
> the carb to the intake shears off. So I'm like "ok, I'll just drill and
> easy out the sucker and I'll be in business". The easy out breaks. So I
> believe my only recourse is to drill out and retap the hole in the intake
> manifold. I have removed the manifold, and will take it somewhere to do
> that. This is what I get for trying to do the right thing and rebuilding.
> It's amazing how a simple little task can ballon like this. In any case,
> I
> would like to get another intake manifold (just in case), does anyone have
> an extra lying around they can spare? Thanks!!
> ~Scott
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