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The method I have used in the past is one of two ways.

The first method is on blocks of wood in a three-point manor and the
second method is the best.

The block method is as follows:

Back the boat and trailer into the garage
Tie the back of the boat to a secure post so the boat can not move
By using a rated floor jack, lift the back of the boat up on the keel so
as to relieve the load from the back of the trailer
Place 4x4 wood blocks in 'log cabin' fashion on each side to support the
outside rear corners of the boat.
Lower the boat so as to rest the rear of the boat on the blocks
Move the floor jack to a spot under the windshield
Lift the boat up to relieve the load on the boat from the trailer
Roll the trailer forward a couple of inches until the rollers just touch
the floor jack
Lower the floor jack and reposition the jack and repeat the process
until the trailer is clear of the floor jack
Support the keel under the windshield with again wood blocks
The boat is secure and safe

The best method is to buy a set of boat supports on rollers. They come
in V configuration with big rollers. You lift the boat up and lower
them on the roller supports. Now the boat can easily be moved around in
the garage. I would push the boat out of the way when I was not working
on it. These things are great. I ordered mine through my boat/marine
center. I made a deal with him. We split the cost. I use them when
ever I need them mostly in the winter and he gets to use them when I am
not. He likes the deal and I did too.

Hopefully this was helpful.

David Avedesian
Silver Spring, MD

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I was wondering what would be the best way to put my Seasport 155 on
off the trailer in my garage? Styrofoam? Barrels? A couple of reasons
want to take my boat off the trailer is because the trailer tongue is
long to fit the whole in my garage, and that I want to replace some
I have never taken a boat off the trailer this large and heavy, so I'd
a step by step process. Thanks!

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