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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 10:52:36 EST

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<< I was wondering what would be the best way to put my Seasport 155 on
 off the trailer in my garage? Styrofoam? Barrels? A couple of reasons I
 want to take my boat off the trailer is because the trailer tongue is too
 long to fit the whole in my garage, and that I want to replace some rollers.
 I have never taken a boat off the trailer this large and heavy, so I'd need
 a step by step process. Thanks! >>

I've done this before.

Back the boat into the garage to within about a foot of the wall.
Secure the rear of the boat to the wall using the ski rope attach points.
Loosen the hold downs and winch lines.
Pull the trailer forward about 2 feet and place foam blocks under the rear
corners of the boat hull.
Pull the trailer forward about 4 feet and place more foam blocks under the
sides of the boat.
Pull the trailer forward another 4 feet and place the last two blocks under
front sides where the gull wings meet the center of the hull.
Pull the trailer out of the garage.

It is best that the boat rest at the same height as the trailer or within an
or two so that when it's time to back the trailer back under to boat, it won't
be too difficult. Plan on using the winch to help pull the boat back on to
the trailer so you aren't pushing the boat against the wall behind it.

Someone can man the winch as you slowly back the trailer under the boat
and remove the foam blocks as you reach them.

Let me know how things turn out.

Lee Hazen
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