Re: [omc-boats] hhscott and the Evinrude 150

From: BParkerESQ@...
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 23:21:26 EDT

My family owned the EVI you found on Lee Shuster's site. We ran it for all
these many years without major problems (almost exclusively in fresh water).
 The Marine Holly carb was not standard issue.
I had a Marine Survey done on the boat (required to get insurance) circa
1996 and I believe it was valued at $3,500 (without covers and tops) and the
trailer at an additional $1,500. I had many offers to buy the boat right out
of my driveway, but not for what we put into it over the years and there's
really no "market" for them. You have to find someone special like Lee who's
willing to go over the boat, bow to stern, and take it on as an ongoing
project. It was one of the reasons we gave it to him (he had to come pick it up),
because he said he would restore it and he has with marvelous results. We
loved the boat and I am sure Lee will get a lot of good use out of it for many
years, like you hope to do.
In addition to the motor, you should probably inspect the fuel system,
electronics and outdrive. The outdrive's old seals can leak and we had to replace
the water pump a few years back. Check the lower unit and see if the gear
oil's got any water in it (the oil will have grey streaks in it). Also,
check the trailer wiring and wheel bearings, etc.
In the end, each boat is a different animal depending on its maintenance
history and whether it's been stored dry or not. If its been high and dry so to
speak, the stringer shouldn't be an issue. Notwithstanding, any boat that
old will be somewhat of an unknown risk and a project boat for sure. If you
like projects, go for it and welcome to the club of satisfied EVI owners.
And it is a cool retro design!
Barry Parker
Half Moon Bay, CA.
Received on Tuesday, 27 July 2004

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