[omc-boats] hhscott and the Evinrude 150

From: Paul Hamilton <phamilton@...>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 20:40:18 -0500


My name is Paul and I live in Minnesota. I came across a webpage posted by hhscot when I went looking for some information on the 150. I have been looking at the exact same boat, 1966 Sportsman 150. The original owner is selling it. The pictures posted could just as well be of the boat I'm looking at.

I first looked at the boat about 6 weeks ago and then went back for a ride. Unfortunately the owners hadn't had it out yet this year and we couldn't get it started. We traced the problem back to the fuel pump and they have just received the boat back and its ready to go.

Previous to finding the "Evi" (recently posted?) site, I had made some inquiries and got mixed advice. The shop that has done maintenence on other boats for me suggested that the "stringer" was unreliable, and requires a lot of maintenence. From another source online I got a good description of the basic mechanical concerns, i.e. electronic shift, ball gears, and the comment that with care for these particular areas the boat would be a good purchase if I could pick it up cheap. I do have one mechanical question, is the Holley Marine 4160 a retro-fit done on all Sportsman or does that refer to your boat?

The "Evi" page has reinforced his comments on the precautions necessary and provided much reassurance about other aspects of the boat. I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts on what would make a fair offer. The boat is original, with all covers in good-verygood shape.The webbing beneath the seats has been replaced and the seats themselves are excellent, just a little discoloration in a few raindrop sized spots. I did see the Orderly liquidatin value of $2000 and the Estimated present fair market value of 5,500. The owners are nice people who have great memories of their time on the boat and I don't wnat to take advantage of them, but I also can't afford to own a boat that is only a collectors item or something I can't sell if that becomes necessary.

We hope to use the boat a few hours a week, and hope that we can get a number of years of use. I particularly like the styling. I'm trying to convince my kids it has a funky cool look. My wife thinks finding your site, which answered so many of our questions, is a sign we are meant to have this boat.

I appreciate any thoughts from hhscott or anyone else who cares to contribute. I would definitely like to buy one the the storage covers if we end up with the boat.

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