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Hi Phil,

You are absolutely correct, my mistake, the photo is of the Ski Lark.

The Brooks Stevens book you mention has several great pages & photos devoted
to the Evinrude concept boats. I was also able to get it out of the library
where I work. He did have a sense of humour, as evidenced by the
Wienermobile. But he also had one on the longest running auto designs in
production some 30-odd years with the Jeep Wagoneer. Practically invented
the whole SUV thing!

One great resource (besides monitoring ebay for old boats) is I highly recommend it, to those into restoring
fiberglass boats, after your great site, Phil.

PS -- If anyone knows of an available 1965 or 1967 Evinrude boat brochure(s)
in good condition, please contact me. I'd like to scan 'em and return 'em.


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> Lee wrote:
> > BTW, there's a pic of the Sport 14 (OUTBOARD version of the I/O-powered
> > Playmate/Caprice) on my web at:
> > and also
> >
> I would have called the boat pictured above a "Ski Lark" (all of the
> Caprice/Platmate and Ski Larking being 14' versions of the Sweet 16
> and Reveler), while the Sport '14 is the 14' version of the Sport 16
> Sportsman, and (later) SeaSport models.
> I've passed on two Sport '14's, I'm not sure I could find the strength
> a third time!
> I got a copy of "Industrial Strength Design" out via inter-library
> loan. Stevens' most famous design is the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile (on
> which he comments, his major innovation was to mount the weiner on a bun)!
> Lee, thanks for your great web site!
> -phil
> P.S.
> How *DO* you find all those eBay items?
> I recently picked up the 1964 Evinrude brochure you spotted!
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