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From: Mike Meadway <mmeadway@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 15:25:03 -0700

Hi all --

    I posted a while back about a free Sportsman 16 I'd gotten....and to
those of you that I promised pictures -- I actually have them on the PC
now so I'll get them sent out. After doing a lot of cleanup work, it
became obvious that everything inside the boat needed to be replaced; it
was pretty much trashed. Things like cut wires, mangled steering cable,
broken plywood side panels and aluminum foil fuse replacements were the
norm; fundamentally, only the fiberglass parts and the windshield are
okay. Needless to say everything has come out. This includes the old
gauges and their aluminum faceplates, and I'll be replacing the fuel
tank as well. If anyone wants some of these items, I'll be happy to
trade them for things like the plastic lenses on the nav lights (the
lights were left bare on my boat).

Does anyone have any ideas on what sort of engine to put in the
Sportsman (mine came sans motor)? I can squeeze a Mercruiser 4.3 in
after reinforcing the transom; is this a good pick or is there a better
engine for this boat?



Pated66@... wrote:

> Greg,
> I'd start with a general check of the wiring under the dash,
> especially the grounds.
> If you ran the tank down, you can (easier with a helper) disconnect
> the leads going form the tank to the guage and put a meter across
> them. Check the resistance as your helper fills the tank. This will
> tell you if the problem is with the sending unit in the tank, or
> within the guage itself.
> Which boat do you have?
> Paul Tedder
> Nashua NH
> currently boatless :-(
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