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Welcome to the group! Sounds like you have your hands full with that one but
a worthy endeavor. Just stay with it and take your time. I am not familiar
with the floor of your boat but assume it is similar to the floor of my 69
Rogue which I replaced last year. I basically removed bad flooring and foam
and replaced it with new materials trying to match the original as close as
possible. You can still get plywood, fiberglass mat and resin, 2-Part
polyurethane foam and t-nuts. You may have to work on the stringers that run
the length of the boat under the floor. Do all this work in the winter when
you are not boating. A soft floor can wait thru the summer. Mine waited many
years. It takes time to figure out what you are going to do and to gather
materials. There are scattered sources for parts - the boat parts are hard
to find - the OMC sterndrive parts are fairly easy but can get expensive. My
best source is e-bay but you have to watch it almost daily. You need a
parts manual for the specific boat and motor. Try the Ken Cook site. You
need to know the part number when searching for parts. One good source is
Dave Losvar at 1-800-332-0803 for the boat parts. They might have the seat
brackets. I have seen a few boats parted out on e-bay, not often though.
Good luck! BTW -we had a boat like yours when I was a teenager - a sweeet
ride!!! Tom Klauber
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> Subject: 1966 Evinrude
> Hello,
> I recently acquired a 1966 Evinrude Sportsman with a
> 150hp V-6. It's a fixer upper. The previous owner
> had it sitting out and hasn't been run for 5 or 6
> years. I've cleaned it out and put in new lube, oil,
> replaced the bilge, new key ignition, so on and so
> forth.
> I'm new to boat ownership and the old outdoor carpet
> has completely rotted out. I want to put in some
> replacement carpet but have a few questions that I
> though you guys could help me with. The vinyl is
> still intact on the seats and they look like it'll
> clean up nicely. The webbing under the seat i'm going
> to replace by weaving vinyl twine under the seat.
> It seems some of the foam has rotted out in some areas
> in the floor, in other words in some spots the
> flooring is soft. How do I replace the old floor
> discs that hold the seat brackets in place? The one
> i've pulled has a nut imbedded in foam under the
> fiberglass, but the area has rotted out so putting it
> back into place will be impossible. Any ideas? Being
> new to boats I don't know how to replace them and am
> willing to use a work around to set them back into the
> flooring.
> Also i'm missing the seat brackets for the two back
> seats. Anyone know where I can get some?
> I'm replacing the old gas tank with a new plastic tank
> which will help b/c the panel doesn't work anymore and
> i'll be able to see the gas level with having to get a
> new instrument panel.
> Also any pointers about the boat, misc. info would
> help as well.
> Thanks,
> Jared Bourquin
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