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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 15:33:56 +0000

I have a Sweet 16 which looks like the same hull as yours... just put a Bimini
top on it from used small craft 73"-78" wide 5'6" long and 36"-
42" high... mounted on top rail of boat with a 2' slide mount... works
absolutly great.. better than original that felt like a football helmit... also
I am 5'10" and I can stand up with the top up....

Also, the 16' trihull cover that they sell also fit perfect... mine is an I/O
and is on the gallery site for 16's.

Also, best place for engine parts on these is Stone and Sons 713-686-9997 in

Good luck...

Hope this helps..
> Hi guys,
> I now have a 1966 sportsman 150, pretty good shape, its not been in the
> water for about 3 years. It had a lot of the original paper work with it and
> some extra parts. I'm sure glad I found you all.
> In the sales brochure and literature I see there was a convertable top and
> cover for the front. Do you know of any for sale or seen the original plans.
> The more I read about these boats the better I like them. They are well
> designed and a nice lay out.
> Thanks
> Jeff Livingston
> Tennessee
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