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From: Matt Urick <matt@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 07:47:04 -0400

Bases on my Merc 150hp straight 6 (Chevy 230), all of the parts that I've
ever needed came from a typical auto parts store. Most generic things, like
the fuel pump, starter, and points have come from AutoZone. The carb
rebuild kits that I have used came from NAPA. AutoZone doesn't like to hear
"marine application", so I just figure out what car had that same motor, and
ask for that part. For the 155hp, a 1965 Buick Skylark with a 225cid V6
should do it. states that a new waterpump, with a limited
lifetime warranty, is 54.99.

Hope that this helps.

Matt Urick

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> I have 3 props (16, 18, and ~21) for my 155 Hp '67 Reveler i/o. (Just
> the one on e-Bay -- thanks much for sending the link!!) The 18 is pretty
> good for all-around use. The 16 revs high, but still functions okay and
> gives me lots of power (8 skiers at once). The ~21 used to be a 20 that
> smarty brother had upsized to a 22 about 20 years ago thinking it'd make
> boat go faster. The effect was it acted like a governor with groggy
> performance and wouldn't swing over ~3000 rpm. I had it whacked down a
> little, but it still clips me at 3500 rpm. So, based on my humble
> experience, you really can't deviate a whole lot from nominal (maybe 1-2
> sizes up or down tops). My guess is a 12 would scream rpms. If you're
> looking for a spare prop for emergencies, it'd probably work, but I'd go
> with the 14 given the choice.
> For others with the Buick V6 155 Hp engine: As an original owner running
> fresh water only during short Michigan summers, we've faced two regular
> problems: about every 10-15 years, both the alternator and the water pump
> need to be replaced. As someone previously mentioned, parts are now
> obsolete and very expensive. I kept my old parts in hopes of rebuilding
> them, but so far haven't found parts for my parts (stator for the
> and shaft/impellor for the pump, in particular). Our winterizing
> for 36 years has been to follow the instructions in the owner's manual
> simply states (only slightly shortened) open the petcocks and dump some
> down the carb. Last year I started pulling the cooling hose in an effort
> dry things inside out a little quicker, but I'm a little leery about mice
> moving in. If anyone has any tips that have worked for them on
> servicing/maintaining/winterizing this engine, I'd love to hear them,
> especially if you know any good sources for parts (water pump prices
> from $380 to over $500 last year!!!)
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> > My concern would be the RPM you're running. the lower # props are going
> to let your motor turn faster and lessen your top end.
> >
> > Bill Desmond <nebdlo@...> wrote:
> >
> > >
> > >my rouge 210 has a 14 x 18 prop on it. i saw a couple
> > >props on ebay. 1 is 14p and the other is 12p. my ?
> > >is, how much will it gear the boat down. right now the
> > >boat is on small lake so top speed is not much of an
> > >issue. i will be pulling skiers and tubes. ive never
> > >experimented with prop pitch so i dont know if going
> > >from 18p to 12p will be alright or if i will end up
> > >with a tug boat.
> > >thanx
> > >daemian
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