Re: wiring diagram?

From: Matt Urick <matt@...>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:15:05 -0400

The boat is a 1969 Evinrude Sportsman with the 155hp V6. The engine was
pulled, and along with it was the wiring from the main disconnect plug. I'm
not positive, but at this point I think I've gotten it but another reference
can't hurt.


Matt Urick

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Subject: wiring diagram?

> i was reading threw the postings and someone needed a
> wiring dia. i must have deleted it. dont remember what
> boat it was. anyway, i have a OMC stern drive shop
> manual 64-85, if it covers your boat let me know i can
> scan and send diagrams.
> daemian
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