Re: OMC BOATS - Sweet 16 load capacity & towing weight

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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 19:40:59 EDT

I got the Evinrude 90 hp owner's manual with the boat when I bought it.
Unfortunately the motor lasted less than a season. Steadily lost power to
the point where it wouldn't get up on plane with three passengers. Took it
in over the winter and found out that it had thrown a wrist pin and scored a
cylinder. Also found out that OMC made this particular 90 hp 4 cyl for two
years only ('64 and '65) and that parts consequently are hard to come by.
Wound up swapping for a 1975 70 hp and have had no trouble since. When I
rediscovered the manual in the side storage bin last year, it had gotten
mildewed and I pitched it.

I have a copy of the sales brochure pictured on the site, and also a
photocopy of the "Test Report". If I remember correctly, the dry weight of
the Sweet 16 less motor is 900 lbs. The 90 hp goes about 250 lbs I believe.
The brochure mentions that the closed cell foam in the hull will keep the
boat afloat with "six people and all their gear", implying a max capacity of
around 1200 lbs. I've carried five adults including myself on a number of
occasions and would not want to carry more.

The original seats are low - no more than 7" - 8" from top surface of seat
cushion to floor. Almost feels like sitting on the floor.

The trailer is the one I got with the boat, and I still have it. It's
similar to but is not an original Evinrude. Normally I store the boat for
the winter in an old brick barn on the same island where our cabin is, I
launch and pull it out there and I don't trailer it anywhere else, so it
usually covers no more than 3 miles in a season. When I took it in for
engine work in '98 however, I towed it from our cabin in Wisconsin to the
Twin Cities (about 125 miles) and back, and the trailer worked fine. It
doesn't look stable but it is.

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