Re: Good news / bad news about getting a replacement windshield

From: Mstvsnd@...
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 23:29:56 EDT

I can attest to the stability of the design - I imagine anyone who has one
can. I've got a 1964 Sweet 16 which I run on a rather shallow chain of lakes
in Wisconsin. We never get really big swells but it's a resort area and I'm
constantly crossing wakes of boats larger than mine. Five is the max I'd
consider carrying, and while getting up on plane with that load takes some
time, once there, the boat is rock steady in all conditions.

It's equally stable at rest. It's got the original individually anchored
seats, and for fishing I take all but the driver's seat out. I usually
anchor in my favorite spots and the extra room combined with the wide flat
floor provides some walking-around area for casting in different directions.
The boat never feels tippy or even lists much.

The original windshield on my boat is glass.

Mike Stevesand
Received on Tuesday, 11 June 2002

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