Re: OMC-BOATS administrata

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 16:26:54 -0400

I think it'd be great if the "reply" just went to the sender and the "reply
to al" went to the whole list.

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Subject: OMC-BOATS administrata

> Since there has been a burst of traffic on the OMC-BOATS list, I just
> wanted to remind everyone that you can get the list in "digest"
> format, with all of the days messages(*) in a single message, as a way
> of reducing the number of messages in your mailbox.
> Please remember that when you send to the list, it's going to all
> sorts of folks, with different interests, and levels of interest. I'm
> happy to see the list develop into a community (that was the point),
> and I don't want people to feel that they shouldn't post to the list,
> but there are also times when a private (off list) reply is fine idea.
> Long ago I switched the configuration of the list manager so that all
> replies attempts to reply to a list message went to the entire list
> (the original setting had been such that a polite "reply to sender"
> went only to the person who had posted the message, and "reply to all"
> went to the sender, and the list. It seemed like the distinction was
> confusing, and discussion was often fractured). I'd be willing to
> revisit this.
> I can also configure the software to add a prefix (eg "[omc-boats]")
> to the mail subject lines to help you decide which messages (not) to
> read quickly...
> -Phil
> (*) I think there is an upper limit to how large a single digest
> message can be, and when exeeded will cause the digest to be sent, and
> a new one started. So it IS possible (if unlikely) to get more than
> one digest a day.
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