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From: Phil Budne <phil>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 12:07:18 -0400 (EDT)

Since there has been a burst of traffic on the OMC-BOATS list, I just
wanted to remind everyone that you can get the list in "digest"
format, with all of the days messages(*) in a single message, as a way
of reducing the number of messages in your mailbox.

Please remember that when you send to the list, it's going to all
sorts of folks, with different interests, and levels of interest. I'm
happy to see the list develop into a community (that was the point),
and I don't want people to feel that they shouldn't post to the list,
but there are also times when a private (off list) reply is fine idea.

Long ago I switched the configuration of the list manager so that all
replies attempts to reply to a list message went to the entire list
(the original setting had been such that a polite "reply to sender"
went only to the person who had posted the message, and "reply to all"
went to the sender, and the list. It seemed like the distinction was
confusing, and discussion was often fractured). I'd be willing to
revisit this.

I can also configure the software to add a prefix (eg "[omc-boats]")
to the mail subject lines to help you decide which messages (not) to
read quickly...


(*) I think there is an upper limit to how large a single digest
message can be, and when exeeded will cause the digest to be sent, and
a new one started. So it IS possible (if unlikely) to get more than
one digest a day.
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