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From: Michael Frenn <semsc@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 09:05:08 -0700

I don't think so, even in the digests the links still show up there. BUT,
if you get digests and want to reply, make sure the entire contents of the
digest isn't included in your reply! Your e-mail settings or just some
attention to detail should be able to fix that.

Michael Frenn

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> >
> > It's great to see all the activity, must be boating season! I'm getting
> both
> > the digest and the individual messages; I would be very happy to receive
> the
> > digest only, how do I do that?
> Uh, hmmm, wouldn't you be off the mailing list far as replies go in that
> case? I have both too, not sure I'd want only the digest form since the
> e-mails wouldn't be immediate.
> Good question though.
> Bob H.
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