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Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 13:36:41 -0700

If you ran her out of the water, your water pump is probably toast. Don't
run it until you take it apart and check it out.

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> Wow, I haven't posted for quite a while and was thinking I needed some
> help when all of a sudden there were two messages (on the '72 Reveler).
> So here's what's happened, for anyone who wants to know.
> Purchased a '65 Evinrude Sweet 16 about 2.5 years ago.
> Couldn't get it to run (or even start).
> Replaced water pump just because.
> Bought a new fuel tank and supply line.
> Replaced the starter solenoid - now she cranks!
> Couldn't get spark - went to magneto school! Replaced points, condensor,
> cap, rotor, wires, plugs and coil. Original coil probably was good, but I
> broke it removing it - don't remove your coil without talking to me!
> Figured out to test for spark on the bench.
> Ignition system now working.
> Still wouldn't start, unless I put started fluid down the carb.
> Rebuilt the fuel pump, and the carburators (that was a first!), and
> the lines.
> Tried to start, solenoid wasn't firing. By-passed solenoid and jumped
> the battery. Fired up!!!!
> Oh no, would NOT shut off! Water pump gone for sure, had to kill motor by
> disconnecting fuel line.
> Sigh, the reason it wouldn't start was that the throttle lever was not in
> idle. There's a safety switch to prevent what I forced to happen, i.e,
> start at above idle speed. The thing ran like hell, I hope I didn't
> the lower end, or seriously overheat anything - it ran for 2-3 minutes,
> sure. I'm hoping it will turn off this time.
> I'm on my way out to it now - going to reset the flywheel timing, ingition
> timing, resynch ignition to carb, and then check throttle linkage. wish
> luck.
> If anyone has experience with these older motors, especially the magentos,
> have a couple of questions and could really use the help.
> I probably could have avoided the last fiasco, but not having an owner's
> manual makes it a totally blind approach. Plus the local marine shop
> I've dropped a few $$ for parts says they won't touch it - too old. They
> one thing only to have another break, they don't want to bother. can't
> really blame 'em, but it means I've got to do it all.
> If it starts and turns off, then I'm heading to the lake and I'll try to
> tune it there.
> Michael frenn, California
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