Still Tryin' To Get There

From: Michael Frenn <semsc@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 11:19:30 -0700

Wow, I haven't posted for quite a while and was thinking I needed some tech
help when all of a sudden there were two messages (on the '72 Reveler).

So here's what's happened, for anyone who wants to know.

Purchased a '65 Evinrude Sweet 16 about 2.5 years ago.

Couldn't get it to run (or even start).

Replaced water pump just because.

Bought a new fuel tank and supply line.

Replaced the starter solenoid - now she cranks!

Couldn't get spark - went to magneto school! Replaced points, condensor,
cap, rotor, wires, plugs and coil. Original coil probably was good, but I
broke it removing it - don't remove your coil without talking to me!
Figured out to test for spark on the bench.

Ignition system now working.

Still wouldn't start, unless I put started fluid down the carb.

Rebuilt the fuel pump, and the carburators (that was a first!), and replaced
the lines.

Tried to start, solenoid wasn't firing. By-passed solenoid and jumped from
the battery. Fired up!!!!

Oh no, would NOT shut off! Water pump gone for sure, had to kill motor by
disconnecting fuel line.

Sigh, the reason it wouldn't start was that the throttle lever was not in
idle. There's a safety switch to prevent what I forced to happen, i.e,
start at above idle speed. The thing ran like hell, I hope I didn't damage
the lower end, or seriously overheat anything - it ran for 2-3 minutes, I'm
sure. I'm hoping it will turn off this time.

I'm on my way out to it now - going to reset the flywheel timing, ingition
timing, resynch ignition to carb, and then check throttle linkage. wish me

If anyone has experience with these older motors, especially the magentos, I
have a couple of questions and could really use the help.

I probably could have avoided the last fiasco, but not having an owner's
manual makes it a totally blind approach. Plus the local marine shop where
I've dropped a few $$ for parts says they won't touch it - too old. They
one thing only to have another break, they don't want to bother. can't
really blame 'em, but it means I've got to do it all.

If it starts and turns off, then I'm heading to the lake and I'll try to
tune it there.

Michael frenn, California
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