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Has the OMC-Boat site changed?

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Hello fellow members,
I have a 1966 Evinrude Sportsman 150 16' for sale. It has a circa 1980 v-6
in it.
It needs a parts boat to fix some deficiencies, such as a cover is needed,
the lower fins on the lower unit (one took a very large rock and broke a
chunk off the fin, left side) NOTE it does still work but pulls to one side,
a better prop, a exhaust elbow, some bearings in the motor.
All glass is good, gauges work, lights work, original trailer lights work,
seats with minor tears, carpet good.
I bought it in April for 350 did not run, was filthy, replaced motor
repaired lighting and wiring. Would like to get 400 for it.
I am located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
bjig27@... <mailto:bjig27@...> is my personal mail, please use
that if you have questions.
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