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Bob; I'm new to this site and would like to suggest to you and other
interested readers the SELOC Tune Up and Repair Manuals. You can get
one by calling Boating Solutions at 1-877-286-1172 and ask for OMC
Stern Drive 1964-1986 -#004-7(3400). It's very good for engine and
foot repairs.You can find them on the internet. CLYMER has a similar
manual out in most boating stores but I like the SELOC version better.
I have 2 1969 Evinrude Rogues and use these manuals to do my own

Tom --- tklauber@...

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> 17 ft johnson deluxe
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> Re: 17 ft johnson deluxe
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> RE: 17 ft johnson deluxe
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> Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:18:06 -0400
> From: "Bob Brejack" <rabbit43@...>
> Subject: 17 ft johnson deluxe
> BRUCE, I see by your e-mail to JED that you have a 17 ft. tri hull deluxe ,I
> have a 1964 johnson 17 ft. tri hull deluxe also and was wondering if you
> could help me with a problem that I have. I purchased it 3 months ago from
> my neighbor it was her husbands boat ,he passed away in 1984 of a heart
> attack and the boat just sat in her shed until I came along. THE boat needed
> a major clean up witch I have been doing for the first 3 weeks of ownership
> and it cleaned up quite nicely.I drained the oil and replaced the oil filter
> adding new 5w30 oil to the crankcase ,removed the spark plugs and squirted
> some oil in each cylinder and I let it sit for a couple of weeks, With time
> to spear I removed the gas tank and had it boiled out to remove all the
> grime that had built up from all those years of sitting,I also installed a
> new filler pipe, pick up tube and sending unite and replacing all the
> flexible gas lines that were there. Next I will replace the fuel pump and
> rebuild the crab???WITCH BRINGS ME TO THE QUESTION......... I by passed the
> gas tank and fuel pump and rigged up a gravity feed tank to the crab I
> turned the engine over by hand to be sure it was free,and it was thank GOD I
> had good spark so I attempted to start it NOT before I submerged the final
> drive in WATER,, believe it or not it started up with a little help ,it only
> ran for a moment when I noticed that the water in the tank was not getting
> warm,and the engine was I shut it down right away hoping not to damage
> nothing..............I think the water pump in the final drive is frozen IS
> introduce some type freeing agent through the lines that go the engine
> ...............MY neighbor said that it was all winterized and serviced
> before her husband died ANY HELP YOU COULD GIVE ME WOULD BE
> APPRECIATED.........THANK YOU >>>>BOB omc-boats@...
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