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Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 14:43:50 EDT

Hi Eric,

I am by no means an expert on the tilt mechanism, but by referring to the
"whole" in back of the tilt mechanism housing, you should be seeing the "worm
gear" inside. The worm gear contacts and spins the small "spur gear" on the
side of tilt mechanism which contacts the large "tilt gear" (which is
otherwise known as the "tilt quadrant" that is attached to the upper housing
of the outdrive. There are no other gears that I am aware of. The gears
are held in place by Truarc snap rings.

If you are trouble shooting the tilt mechanism, you may want to check the
"hammer-blow" coupling. This is the "weakest link" in the tilt mechanism and
designed to fail before the more expensive parts are damaged. You have to
remove the tilt motor (from inside the engine compartment) to get at the

To find the parts and part numbers, try calling Marine Partsfinders
(800-680-0389) or visit them at There are lots of other
OMC outdrive parts vendors. Get on and search for "omc
outdrive parts" and you will see a lot of links to part sources.

Best of luck,

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