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On another note... I have the exact same boat... well close at least... can you tell me what the name of the gear is that controls the power tilt mechanism? There is a whole is back where I can see a round gear and then another gear on the side... there must be some type of tilted gear that goes in there.. what is the part number? Where can I find one? Etc
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  Hi Bill,

  I have a '66 Sportsman 150 in great condition. See the "Parker Family" boat
  picture on Phil's site at
  It's been in my family since new. Although I hate to think of parting with
  this boat, I have little time to enjoy it anymore. I would love for someone
  to have it who would take care of it. I don't know if you are interested in
  a boat located in California, if so drop me a note.

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