Hello to all!

From: Pated66@...
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 06:38:44 EDT

Hopefully, your out on your boats and not sitting in front of the computer,
but I suspect you will all see this at some point.
I recently (<12 hrs ago) bought an Evinrude Playmate with a 90 HP I/O and a
Johnson outdrive. This was purchased from the 2nd (I believe) owner and is
in very good shape. I'm looking forward to finding out all I can on this
boat and appriciate all the information on your site.
I only see a reference to a 19' Playmate on the site, but mine is a 15 or 16.
  What options were available for these boats?
Phil, I'm in NH also (Nashua). I read in one of the messages that you are up
here also. If you'd like to stop by and see my new treasure, send me an

Best Wishes and Safe Boating
Received on Tuesday, 25 July 2000

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