Ole Evinrude Award

Ole Evinrude Award was given by the Evinrude Boating Foundation for lifelong contributions to (recreational) boating.

The Evinrude Boating Foundation also published the pamphlet "Outboard Boating Skills"
Year Awarded to
1955 (1st) Charles Fredric Chapman, a founder of U.S. Power Squadrons, editor of MotorBoating magazine, known as the "Czar of speedboat racing"
[Sports Illustrated 1/31/1955 news roundup]
And in 1955, the Ole Evinrude Boating foundation in recognition of "long contributions to recreational boating," awarded Chap a silver bowl with a citation which read:
"No other man deserves so much from so many of us in the world of boating."

[Piloting, seamanship and small boat handling, Charles Fredric Chapman, Hearst 1975]
1956 Herbert L. Stone, editor and publisher of Yachting magazine for 47 years.
[The Milwaukee Sentinal, 1/18/1956 , Part 2, Page 5]
1957 US Coast Guard & Coast Guard Auxillary for "outstanding contribution to recreational boating afloat" photo of presentation.
[The Milwaukee Sentinel, 1/23/1957 part 2, page 3]

In 1957, NACO [John Brent] Tanner received the coveted Ole Evinrude Award, presented to the Auxiliary as a whole, for promoting boating safety.

1958 Morris Rosenfeld, "marine photographer for some 60 year and generally recognized as the leading artist in that line in this country"
[Yachting magazine, Mar 1983, p.129]
1959 Fourty firms in the recreational boating industry -- each more than 50 years old.
"Wisconsin firms which received the awards at ceremonies in New York were Burger Boat Co., Manitowoc, Dunphy Boat Corp., Oshkosh, Kahlenberg Bros. Co., Two Rivers, Thompson Bros. Boat Manufacturing Co., Peshtigo, and Universal Motor Co., Oshkosh.

[The Milwaukee Sentinel 1/20/1959, part 2, page 6]
1960 United States Power Squadrons
for ... the consistantly high standards of the United States Power Squadrns in the teaching of seamanship, small boat handling, piloting and navigation. Dr. Lester C. Lowe of Los Angeles, retiring national chief commander of the U. S. P. S. accepted the award on behalf of the 40,000 members.
[Chicago Tribune, Feb 5, 1960, Part 2, Page 5]
[Boating Jan-Feb 1960, p 21?]
1961 Rep. Herbert C. Bonner (Dem. N.C.) whose efforts produced the so-called Bonner Bill, the Federal Boating Act of 1958.
[MotorBoating magzaine, Mar 1961, p.164]
1962 James W Peaslee, pulisher of The Boating Industry for 22 years
....The award itself, a custom Steuben glass centerpiece with a dolphin motif, carries with it a grant of $1000. It was established by the [Evinrude Boating] Foundation in 1955. Former recipients of the award are Herbert C. Stone, editor and publisher, Yaching Magzaine; The U.S. Coast Guard, and Coast Guard Auxillary; Morris Rosenfeld, marine photographer; The U.S. Power Squadrons; Congressmen Herbert C. Bonner, author of the Federal Boating act of 1958; and all companies in the inustry engaged in recreational boating for 50 years or more.

[MotorBoating magazine, Feb 1962, p.138]
1963 (9th) The Boy Scouts (for "significant contributions to recreational boating" .... by virtue of the fact that they have trained an estimated 8,000 boys in the handling of small craft)
[Boating magazine, Jan-Jun 1963 p. 21]
1964 Michigan State Waterways Commission (for its comprehensive state boating program)
[MotorBoating magazine, Feb 1964, p.21]
1965 (11th) Everett B. Morris, Boating editor of the New York Herald Tribune
[The Milwaukee Journal, 1/19/1965 part 2, page 22]
[MotorBoating magazine, Mar 1965 - p.98]
1966 State of New York for the outstanding work of its Division of Motorboats .... for excellence furthering boating, safety, and education. (Dr. Mason Lawrence, deputy commissioner of conservation accepted)
[MotorBoating magzazine, Mar 1966, p.138 & 196]
[Schenectady Gazette, Apr 28, 1966, p.51]
[MotorBoating magazine, May 1966, p.35?]
1967 Hank Bowman (posthumous), boating writer and race driver
[MotorBoating magazine, Mar 1967, p.126]
[MotorBoating magazine, Jan 1967, p.310]
1968 (14th) Jerome C. "Jerry" Bryant of Seattle for leadership in Northwest powerboat racing
[MotorBoating magazine Feb-Mar 1968 p. 220]
[MotorBoating magzaine, Feb 1971, p.12?]
1969 Oregon Marine Board
Robert F. Rittenhouse, 1959, director of the Oregon State Marine Board ... As Oregon marine director he gave particular attention to safe boating education and was the author of the "Oregon Boating Manual," "Boating in Coastal Waters" and boating law enforcement manuals. Through these efforts of his, the Oregon board won the Ole Evinrude Award in 1969 ...

[Yachting, Volume 134 (1973), page 125]
1970 Wilbur Melvin Crook, hydroplane racer, boating writer and editor, honorary V.P. of the APBA
[Warrnsburg-Lake George News March 14, 1985, p.10]
[Greely Colorado Daily Tribune, Feb 2, 1970, p.11]
"A leading authority on powerboat racing and a columnist for Yachting magazine"
[Princeton Alumni Weekly Sept 7. 1983, p.27]
1971 (17th) U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D. Wisconsin) "for significant contributions to conservation"
Ralph Evinrude, chairman, and Robert H. Scott, trustee of the Evinrude Boating Foundation, mentioned Sen. Nelson's "work toward the elimination of pollution and the conservation of land and water"

[Boating magzazine, Jan-May 1971, p.32] (w/ photo)
1973 Richard "Dick" Cole
"Cole, an internationally known designer of small boats, was described by Robert H. Scott of Evinrude at the award ceremony, as "responsible for the design of more outboard boats than any other single individual. His concept of the cathedral, gull wing, and air slot bottoms have had far-reaching effects within the sport of boating."
[MotorBoat magazine, May 1973, p.169]
1975 Bob Nordskog, President American Power Boat Association
[Boating magzine, Jan-Jun 1976, p.26]
1976 (20th) Carl Kiekhaefer for "immeasurable contribution to boating"
[Popular Mechanics, 4/1980 p.31]
[Boating magzine, Jan-Jun 1976, p.26]
1977 Angelo Molinari, "Father of the tunnel hull"
[Popular Mechanics, 5/1977 p.22]
[Boating magazine, Jan-Jun 1977]
1978 Jim Martenhoff, boating writer for The Milwaukee Herald and a contributer to Boating magazine
credited with the idea of the 'Offshore "outboard fishing machine"'
[Boating magazine, Jan-Jun 1978, p.9]
1980 William Taylor (Bill) McKeown, Boating and Outdoors editor
[Popular Mechanics, 4/1980 p.31] (w/ photo of award)
[Yachting magazine, Apr 1980 p.117]
1981 Ray Hunt
1982? (26th) Ralph Evinrude
[Boating magazine, Jan-Jun 1983, p.40]
Ralph S. Evinrude, who founded Outboard Marine Corporation and built it into a leisure industry giant, was honored in Chicago recently for his lifelong contributions to recreational boating.

Evinrude, 75, Jensen Beach, was presented with the Ole Evinrude Award, named for his father who developed the first successfully mass - produced outboard motor.

The award, the 26th to be granted, was a surprise to Evinrude, who learned about it only hours before when the OMC board of directors adopted a resolution instructing him to accept. Never before has it been given to anyone connected with OMC.

Charles D. Strang, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of OMC, made the citation and presented Evinrude with a Steuben centerpiece.

The ceremony was held during a reception hosted by OMC and attended by boat builders and marine retailers who sell the firm's Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors, OMC Stem Drives, OMC Sea Drive marine power system and OMC parts and accessories.

Evinrude, who also celebrated his 75th birthday recently, was surprised at the reception with a four - tiered cake shaped like the first outboard his father developed in 1907.

[The Pellican, January 1983, p.6]

(originally to be awarded to the best design for a hull using an OMC "Sea Drive"?)
[MotorBoating magzaine, Feb 1981, p.10?]

Judges will be Jules Fleder of the NMMA-Westlawn Design School, Richard Rath, Editorial Director of Yachting, Richard Bertram, William McKeown, Richard Anderson of OMC and architect Dick Cole.
[Yachting magazine, Jan 1981, p.223?]
1986 Ray Scott, outdoorsman and founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) (ray scott awards)


Information on file?

Mikwaukee County Nonstock Corporations 1889-1993
wisconsin historical society
UWM Libraries, Series 357, file# E 002744 box #0024

http://milwaukee.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/stories/2006/01/16/daily26.html (2006):

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation said Wednesday that a gift of $800,000 from the foundation of the former Outboard Marine Corp. has resulted in the establishment of the OMC Legacy Fund at the community foundation.

The mission of the donor-advised fund is to benefit the people of the Milwaukee area through the financial support of youth and civic programs. Its first award, approved by the OMC Foundation board, is a $100,000 grant for the Arts & Science Center in COA's new Burleigh Street facility.

The $800,000 gift establishing the fund honors the former employees of Outboard Marine Corp., the one-time maker of Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors, and perpetuates the positive influence of the company in the four-county metropolitan area, said OMC Foundation president Kimberly Bors.

Greater Milwaukee Foundation president Doug Jansson said the Foundation's board of directors will make significant annual grants from the fund's earnings to advance civic and youth causes in the community.

The OMC Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation originally founded in 1945 as the Ole Evinrude Foundation through a grant by the Evinrude Family. As a result of the liquidation of Outboard Marine in 2001, the board of The OMC Foundation recently elected to dissolve the Foundation and distribute the remaining assets to benefit the communities affected by the liquidation as a positive, long-term legacy.

OMC Legacy Fund
About the Fund

The OMC Foundation was a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1945 (originally as the Ole Evinrude Foundation).

As a result of the 2001 liquidation of Outboard Marine Corporation, the board of the OMC Foundation elected to dissolve the foundation and distribute the remaining assets to benefit communities affected by the liquidation as a positive, long-term legacy.

The Kenosha Community Foundation, which received some of the funds (along with other not-for-profits such the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the Racine Community Foundation) created the OMC Legacy Fund.

Focus of the OMC Legacy Fund

With proceeds from OMC Legacy Fund, the Kenosha Community Foundation supports programs that align with the philanthropic focus established by the former OMC Foundation – specifically, to give priority given to programs that address a broad range of basic human needs being impacted within the Kenosha Community by the current downturn in economic conditions.

In 2011, the OMC Legacy Fund supported the following not-for-profit organizations:

Ole Evinrude (1877-1934) pioneered the outboard motor, and founded both Evinrude and Elto. He was was named to the APBA Honor Squardon in 1954, awarded the NMMA Hall of Fame Award in 1988. He was named MIT's Inventor of the Week in January 1999.

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