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[OMC-Boats] 1967 OMC Custom-Craft 120 HP Traveller Transom Seal...

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From: Bill Gladish <bill@...

Hi all of you!

I'm new to the club. I'm also rebuilding a 1967 OMC Custom-Craft 120 HP
Traveller (yes that is not a spelling mistake) Tri-Hull with the twin carbs.

I hoping that somebody can lead me down the road to find an o-shaped
transom seal part # 308456 because it's the only thing keeping me from
getting it in the water for it's 'maiden' voyage down the great Gatineau
River in Quebec Canada

The boat runs like a dream and I'm really excited about it...

Anyone have ANY ideas????

Bill in Ottawa, Canada (the boat is up in Maniwaki [Bouchette], Quebec)

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