[OMC-Boats] Water pump/impeller replacement

From: Ralph Erickson via OMC-Boats <omc-boats@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 13:28:06 -0400

Has anyone replaced the impeller? I have a 1967 155 Evinrude Sportsman, and
I have seen the video by Wayne Coll at TC Electronics/Marine, (
http://www.sterndrive.info/id327.html), which seems comprehensive. But, is
it really necessary to pull all the guts out of the upper gearcase to get
at the water pump? What parts do I need to have ordered to put it back
together successfully? I see reference to replacing plastic spacers and
shims (in addition to the water pump kit).
Am I better off with a Sierra kit or should I go with GLM, or some other
brand of parts?
Thanks, Ralph Erickson

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