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I'm not a great mechanic but it sounds like something in the fuel line or
carburetor. You are not using ethanol gas are you? There are kits to redo
gas lines, pumps and carbs for ethanol gas. I am assuming it is getting
adequate air and spark. Start with the simple things first. Good luck. Tom

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I have a '64 Johnson Deluxe with the Buick odd-fire 155 engine. HEI
conversion. It did this a little last year, and actually had to be
towed a couple times because of it. Runs great when started. But it's
taking forever to start. Here's what it does?..

- I put the red lever almost all the way down.

- turn key, it cranks and cranks. Let off key, repeat.

- finally after several cranks, it starts catching a little. so when I
hear that I have to just keep cranking with the key on, it sounds like
it's going to start but I have to leave the key cranking for it to finally
hold. I know, not great for the starter.

- Then when I feel I can finally let off on the key, it SLOWLY climbs up to
fast idle where it should be given the position of the red lever. But it
takes literally almost a full minute to slowly climb up to normal.

- After that point, I back the red lever down and it idles away and runs
just fine. But if I stop the engine for more than about 5 minutes, I
have to go through the whole procedure again.

It never used to do this. Just for grins I changed the plugs and the
fuel/water separator filter. No big difference.

Any ideas??



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