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Not sure about the gear ratio. I do not see where it would matter if you do
not put too much power through the stern drive. Not sure if the design will
handle it but if it works then what the heck. Of more concern would be the
lack of marine components. Water pump at the motor should be marine as its
bearings are designed to handle salt water and I am not sure the results
running in fresh water but I would try and make the change. Also the starter
and alternator should be marine. You are asking for an explosion in the
bilge. Let us know how it works out in several years cause I often wonder
what would happen if???!!! Tom

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hey all,

I changed the engine in my 210 rogue from the 307 to a 1977 350. it was a
automotive engine and i only changed the freeze plugs when i put it in.
did the gear ratio need to be changed??

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