[OMC-Boats] Another day at the river

From: tklauber@...
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 22:54:41 -0400

Took the Rogue to the Waccamaw River yesterday. Ran it around several hours. My daughter was water skiing most of that time. Ah -- to be young again and to be able to ski all day like that. The boat ran great. It handles most anything you throw at it. See some pretty big wakes from some of the yachts going north and south on the intercoastal waterway. I notice that they are selling ethanol free gas there at Bucksport Marina. Word to the wise – stay away from that ethanol in the gas tank. Ethanol was intended for human consumption only! HA! I will not put ethanol/ gas in my boats, mowers and gas power tools. Bad stuff for them. I usually run premium gas to prevent knocking. Actually there is a station in Florence SC selling leaded racing fuel – wonder what that is about. I just finished cleaning the tilt motor for the Sportsman. Took it apart and used a little gasoline and a toothbrush to get the old oil etc. out of the innerds. Of course a wire broke to one of the brushes and I painstakenly soldered that. I think it will stand up to the years of vibration. Those little tilt motors are great – well made – a vanishing breed. Hope all are enjoying their summer boating. Cheers! TK
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