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Not sure where the defect is that you want to repair. A water leak is not so
bad as long as it doesn’t run hot and your bilge pump is working. YOU DO NOT
like you need to replace the exhaust manifolds. They do rust out with time.
They can be descaled occasionally but will eventually need replacement.
Replacements are everywhere - but very expensive and heavy and shipping adds
to the expense. Not a hard repair. You might check the nipples on the front
caps and replace them if corroded. The back elbows might also be toast if
all else is shot. Lots of money but good for many more years if you take
care of it and are in fresh water. Repairing a quarter inch crack might get
you as far as the middle of the lake before all hell breaks loose. That is
stretching it in my opinion Tom

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My outfit was bought new in 1967. It is a 16' Evinrude I/O outfit.

I need to repair a small leak in the engine cooling manifold between the
engine gas exhaust duct and the cooling water duct. I have used Marine Tex
for small repairs in other applications and am aware of its good tensile and
compression properties and am wondering whether it will stand up in the
cooling manifold application. The hole areas might vary from narrow cracks
up to one inch long up to voids in the wall 1/4 inch wide up to one inch
long. The material could be applied up to about 1/4 inch thick.

Thanks for any suggestions or related experiences.

dewey clemmons
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