[OMC-Boats] 70 Seasport

From: Ron Mathewson <ron.mathewson@...>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 18:28:05 -0700 (PDT)

To the Group,
I recently got my boat running, again after chasing down a cooling problem, then
the fuel pump quit. I took it out yesterday, spent several hours running around,
idle, low speed, and about 3/4 throttle with no problems. Today I took out again
went over to a friends, docked there, where it sat 30-45 minutes before I went
to start again. It started ran at idle, about 650-700 rpm, and while watching
the tach i saw it drop suddenly, the motor sputtered and quit. I tried several
times to restart with no luck. Tried a little gas in the carb, nothing, pulled a
plug wire and saw no spark when placed near the block. SO at risk of sounding
lazy has anyone experienced anything similar and if so what steps did you take
to diagnose.
Possible a coil quit that suddenly or ballast resistor?
 Ron Mathewson

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