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On the forum, you can subscribe to a particular topic to follow it.  Doing so will send you a notification and I believe the message content each time someone posts a message to that topic.  If you create a posting or reply to a posting there is an option at the bottom of the reply message that allows you to be notified of subsequent postings.

Overall with it's accessible message archives and membership listing and profiles, a forum environment is the best way to go but it won't be a success if only some people participate.

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Hi Archie, This is easy  - both are available All I've done is set up a forum - which will also have front end web pages containing historical material. There is nothing about what I've done that's intended to preclude or exclude the list. It's up to everybody to do with it what they want. What you said about the help you got is one of the principal reasons  - in my mind - for the forum. A heck of a lot of good information is exchanged in back channel email - or lands in the archives which can't be searched. But this isn't about one vs the other - it's about expanding the overall  resources and promoting appreciation of the boats.   Thanks! Peter    

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