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>From Phil's website:

Nielsen Canvas Co , formerly Pfferrekorn Canvas, the Original Equip supplier of OMC boats' mooring covers still has the patterns for all the OMC boats, as well as Chris-Craft and Lyman. Contact Robert Nielsen for details at: nielsencan(at) (419) 625-0521
805 W. Water St.; Sandusky, Ohio 44870 419-625-0581, 800-435-2471

Another alternative is to contact a good local canvas shop and have them make up something custom from old photos and brochures.  Honestly the original covers with the rub rail hooks weren't very good and I've had much better luck with the custom top I had made that comes down over the rub rail, then secures with snaps and a drawstring.  I forget what windshield is on the Rougue, but the sharp corners on my Reveler windshield are cover killers; if you have anything like that be sure to keep reinforcing until you think you've gone overboard, then add some more....and never trailer with the cover on.

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I'm missing a cover for a 1969 Evinrude Rougue II. I have tried to contact a flag producer which should hold the original drawings, but they seem to be closed. If someone holds a copy of the drawings or maybe an old worn out cover that I can use as a model, I would very most like to buy it whatever condition. Other ideas and suggestions on how I can obtain an cover is very welcome.

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