[OMC-Boats] Spotters Guide to OMC Engine Mounting Types

From: Lee Shuster <Lee.Shuster@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 12:46:35 -0700

I walked through Phil's website and looked at the various photos to illustrate my engine mounting thread.

First of all the Type I, II, III, and IV moniker is strictly my invention.

So, just to quickly review:
Type I -- applies to all V4 2-stroke sterndrives. Uses mounts lower mounts on floor and upper mounts at top of intermediate case. All 14-ft sterndrive OMC boats used this mounting system

Both upper and lower mounts are shown is this factory illustration:
see: http://hhscott.com/evinrude/images/480_production.jpg

Type II -- applies to early Chevy-4 and Buick V-6 from 1964 to early 1967, found in OMC 17 and 16 ft sterndrive boats. Uses top and bottom intermediate mounts "borrowed from Type I and adds a single front engine mount. The upper mounts remind me of black hockey pucks.

Here are some examples:

Here you see my Type II 1966 Sportsman V6-Buick being retro fitted into a 17-Deluxe where originally a Type I V4 lived. Type II to Type I conversion is fairly pain free. Look carefully and you see the rear floor intermediate mounts and the single front engine mount.

Here's a photo that shows the top rear Type II mounts that remind me of hockey pucks. Look carefully and you can see the rear floor mounts as well.
The Chevy 4 is longer than the Buick V6, approximately the same length as a V8.

Another Buick V6 Type II 16-ft OMC

Type III -- Starting with the 1966 introduction of OMC's 19-ft hull, (which were powered by Buick or Chevy V8's and Chevy I-4's)
Note the all-floor mount, wide-stance Type III mounting system.
OMC then added in 1967 and later model 16-ft hulls the Type III system.
Note: All V8's (Chevy or Buick) used Type III floor mounts to handle the added torque.

This Chevy 4 is in a 19-ft and clearly shows how the Type III floor mounts tie into the floor stringers:

Another Chevy V8 Type III floor mount:

A Buick V6 Type III in a 16 ft (no hockey pucks or support frame)

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City
Received on Friday, 19 February 2010

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