[OMC-Boats] Free Sportsman 155

From: Ryan Moore <kmoore21@...>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 14:54:49 -0500


I now have a new boat and no time or money to get her back on the water. It has a blown motor and the water pump needs replaced but everything else worked last time I had it out (5 years ago). Would be good for parts but the idea is to get it out of the back yard so you’ll need to take the whole thing . Email me at kmoore21@... if interested.


100_4079__800x600_.jpg 100_4059__800x600_.jpg 100_4060__800x600_.jpg 100_4061__800x600_.jpg 100_4064__800x600_.jpg 100_4065__800x600_.jpg 100_4066__800x600_.jpg 100_4067__800x600_.jpg 100_4068__800x600_.jpg 100_4069__800x600_.jpg 100_4070__800x600_.jpg 100_4071__800x600_.jpg 100_4076__800x600_.jpg 100_4077__800x600_.jpg
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