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Our top sat covered and folded in the back of the boat for decades.  I can still remember my Dad telling me to keep my feet off of it when I was a kid and sat in the bucket seats .  The one time I actually went to use it, we had guests who wanted to ski during intermittent rain showers.  I put the top up only to discover the drip line was right across my arm, the throttle controls, and instrumentation.  As i f that wasn't annoying enough ,  even with the vent open, it quickly got hot and sticky without the open top airflow.  I removed the top a few years ago  when I had the engine serviced so it wouldn't get damaged and never put it back on.  It now resides in my garage rafters.  They look nice but are absolutely non-functional.  While I'd insist on a bimini in the southern states, they're not a necessity here in the great white north.  (And y es, we do have snow on the ground and it looks like a white Christmas! )


'67 Reveler

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Yeah, I gotta say the origional top on mine has a few "issues", like having to crouch under the cover while moving around and when pulling up to the dock it's not so easy to swing open the window, get forward and handle the bow. Getting in and out are a little more cumbersome too, which is kind of a drag when you consider the folks I want to have a top for tend to be the older less agile crowd or people with small kids.

As a result I typically don't use it at all. A bimini does seem to be the most practical thing and I've been going back and forth about customizing the origional or going with an off the shelf Bimini.....but that origional top is sooooo retro cool lookin.......


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I also installed the tracks which permit sliding the bimini mounts. The primary benefit is as Bill says, more flexibility in storage options.

You can view Overton's, West Marine, or Boater's World online sites which all carry all the bimini tops and hardware stuff you can imagine.

The slides can be mounted vertically or horizontally. By that I mean, inside the gunwhales (vertically) or atop (horizontally). I chose inside so as not to interfere with my 66 Sportsman's side rails.

Somewhere, I've got some pics, that I will try to dig up and share. I can't believe how much everyone enjoys this addition/improvement to our boat. I should have put it on years earlier.

I went with the Sunbrella fabric and stainless steel top hardware and really get a lot of compliments.


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I'm quite interested in the slides you used. Could you explain a bit more as I'm interested in doing this on my Sportsman.

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I agree! ;-) I installed a new 8' Bimini top on my Explorer, unfortunately at the end of this season so I've not experienced it yet. I ordered it at the right height to walk under it. I also put it on slides so I could slide it all the way back when exposing the forward seats to the sky cabriolet style or forward to the windshield leaving he rear seats exposed.

Dallas, TX
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By "canvas top" I'm assuming you want to retain the original folding frame and attaching hardware?

The original company that supplied the OEM tops and covers was located in Sandusky, Ohio, but I 'm not sure what their current business status is. You'll find their contact info on the OMC Boats web site. They did patterns and OEM work for OMC, Lyman Boats, and others. Give 'em a call.

Another alternative, which I've done on my Sportsman, is to install a modern, new "bimini" style top. This offers the benefit of "walk-under" height, while providing protection from UV sun rays. The sixties-style tops, looked cool, and did offer good protection from rain (when combined with clear side curtains) but IMHO, they are NOT very practical compared to modern bimini tops.

But local conditions and personal preferences have a lot to do with making the right choices.

Lee Shuster

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Hello, I have a 1970 sprotsman and need a new canvas top and piece for the windshield. Will look forward to seeing if I can get any help. Do you know of a company that has the paterns for a new top? Thanks,Bob Erickson Bangor, ME
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