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I think you made a good choice. You should be able to "dial-in" a Rochester
2G-series fairly accurately with a little care and understanding:

Moving to just about any type of fuel injection (TBI or MPFI) system on an
old boat would be financial folly, IMHO. 1) You would spend more than the
boat is worth, 2) It would no longer be original and 3) the "improvements"
in turn-key reliability, serviceability, performance and fuel econonmy would
be barely noticeable.

Not only would you potentially be looking at major changes to electrical
wiring, fuel delivery, distrubutor, possibly intake and exhaust manifolding,
and ECM programming, but to what means? Most likely you'd run the ECM in
"open-loop" mode, without an O2 sensor, which negates the ability to have
the ECM adjust Air/Fuel ratios based on 02 feedback.

I've given this subject a lot of thought for my own boat, as there are many
alternatives out there for my small block Chevy V8. I've decided that the
stock marine Rochester carb is pretty hard to beat, when it's properly
dialed in.


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> Thanks for suggested considerations, BC! I've opted to go with the
> "performance spacer" route
> http://marine-performance-parts.com/search.aspx?find=PS109-P as it's more
> cost effective than a TBI system and may do the trick. I'll share results
> with the forum.
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>> 1. Re: Fuel pump for '67 Surfer (BC Howk)
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> John
> Thanks for the tip on the fuel pump
> I use a spacer with my Holley 4BBL, I installed it to solve some "fitment"
> issues with the conversion but I think it does help in my application with
> some extra volume and making my dual plane intake behave like a single
> plane........My 2 cents for your application, I don't think it could hurt
> anything :-)
> Fuel injection would be very interesting and would LOVE to hear from
> anyone who has seen it done on a boat and hear how it turned
> out.....couple things that spring to my mind....
> 1. Placement of the O2 sensor, maybe it is not a big deal BUT I wonder
> since there is water being pumped through the exhaust manifolds, will the
> sensor work properly, or if you put it way forward will it give a skewed
> reading to the computer based on the health of the 1 or 2 cylinder?
> 2. Marine application is a little different than cars when it comes to
> tuning....cars shift and start then stop, with boats we tend to idle
> around for long periods or throw the throttle down and stay at high RPM
> for some time.......Point being that a the way cars adjust their timing or
> set up their fuel table might not be ideal for your boat, so I would think
> adjustability would be a fairly important...anyone have experience with
> this?
> Cheers,
> B.C.
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