Re: [OMC-Boats] Newly-Acquired '68 Johnson 16 Reveler

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 00:06:56 -0400

Hey! That's my boat!

Welcome! Always happy to see another Reveler online. Mines a late '67, 155
Hp, HU-16C.

Well, I finally came to the conclusion I'm simply not going to get the time
or space to replace my forward clutch myself so I worked out a deal with my
local mechanic today. I'm going to drop the boat by his shop where he'll
pull the drive and keep it for a winter project. I'll bring the boat back
to my place for winter storage then will return it to him in the spring to
reinstall the drive. I need to track down parts for him since they are hard
to find here in cottage country, but this will both ensure I have a ride in
the spring and will spare me from trying to tear down in a sandy
environment. (While I would never complain about living on a beach, you do
get sand in places you didn't know you had!) I'm a little disappointed I
won't get to crack it open myself, but on the bright side it will free up
time to pull the fuel tank to see why my sender has been intermittent for
the past few years. Thanks to all for all the help -- the prep and advice
will still come in handy given I need to track down all the parts.

'67 Reveler

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> After a fairly long round trip (11+ hours each way between Nordland,
> WA and Orofino, ID), I got my new 1968 Johnson 16 Reveler home early
> this evening. The boat was originally powered by a 225 OMC Buick
> engine, but the second owner replaced the 155hp unit with a 231 c.i.
> V-6...either an Olds or Pontiac. (Need to find the engine number
> tomorrow and figure out exactly what I've got.)
> The boat is a real time capsule, wonderfully maintained by the fellow
> I bought it from, Tim McTevia of Orofino, who'd owned the boat since
> the mid-1980's. All of the upholstery is original and intact; the
> gelcoat's in great condition (and even buffed out--something I'm not
> used to seeing with boats I drag home), and about the only thing I'll
> need to do before a test run is to install a fresh impeller since the
> current one dates back to 1990 (!)
> As you can see from some of the photos, the boat is color-compatible
> with my old '76 Dodge boatshop van.
> I'll shoot more images and post details after I get the boat in the
> water...
> - Marty Loken, Island Boatshop, Nordland, WA 98358


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